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Commercials Sunday May 9, 2004

Posted by Pari(பரி) in பொது.

It’s very hard to skip a commercial when you watch your favourite show on TV. Commercials range from irritating to hilarious. Some commercials make you wish, the creator sits next to you, to explain what he tried to tell in it.

A couple of commercials, that I enjoyed recently.

A brand new car is parked by on the street by a parking meter. A good looking lady cop walks by the car and notices the has expired. She begins to write a ticket (fine notice), as she walks around the car, amazed by it’s look. The camera is focussed from the inside when she places the ticket on the windshield, and there is the highlight; a name and a phone number on the back of the ticket!

I’m talking to my car dealer to exchange my car for a two door Honda Accord 🙂

The next one is related to American football, a game similar to Rugby.

There is a long queue in all open check-out counters in a grocery store. A guy opens the one closed counter and says “I can help somebody.” A guy walking from a good distance towards the counter stops. He looks at his shopping cart, takes a pineapple and throws towards the counter with all the force he could gather. It lands right onto the chest of the salesman, and he collapses.

I’ll try to improve my story telling 🙂

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